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                            PUPPY INFORMATION
All Of Our Puppies Are With Their New Families .
We Do Not Have Any Puppies Available At This Time
Our puppies are born and raised in our home. We strive to raise
healthy, social puppies who have a positive, happy view of life. All our
puppies are micro chipped , BAER tested and eye Cerf'd before they
leave our home. The sire and dam of our puppies will have had the
appropriate health tests.  ALL our puppies are sold on written contracts
with health / genetic guarantee.
We never use outdoor kennels. Our Ibizan Hounds and Whippets are
first and foremost our family pets with showing coming after that. All
puppies are socialized with other dogs . All puppies will be handled daily
and will be well adjusted to a family life. All puppies are started on crate
and potty training . Any puppy leaving our home is extremely well
socialized and has had daily interaction from day one.  

All puppies will be checked by a licensed veterinarian at least twice
before leaving. The puppies will go home with their first 1-2 sets of
vaccinations for parvo/distemper and will be wormed.

Pet quality puppies will have a spay/neuter contract stating the puppy
must be altered before 12 months. Pet quality puppies will always be
sold on a limited registration as well. This will still allow the new owner
to enjoy all AKC performance events except conformation.

Show quality puppies will be sold on a show contract and a

All puppies will be registered with the AKC,  You will be supplied with
registration papers at time of sale along with a 3 generation pedigree.
You will also have copies of all health testing done on the parents and
your puppy. Your new puppy will be sent home with food, toys, a hound
lead, pictures of your puppy, it's littermates and it's sire and dam.
Before you take your puppy home you will be given a book on Ibizan

All our puppies are to be sold as pets first! It is more important to us to
have your Ibizan Hound as a treasured family member then it is to have
a title. We encourage everyone to try as many venues with their dogs as
you feel comfortable. Training is a great way to bond with your puppy
even if you never obtain any titles. All pet puppy buyers will be required
to do at least a 6 week Beginner Obedience class or a Puppy
Kindergarten class. We can not stress the importance of continuing
socialization throughout your puppy's life enough.

Pet Puppies vs Show Puppies
I have many inquiries of people wanting a show quality dog for a pet
because somehow the misconception is that the show puppy is going to
be better. Conformationally yes, there is a reason I will classify them as
a pet but it is very highly unlikely that someone that doesn't show will
be able to tell the difference between the different puppies. I try to
match each puppy by personality first to their new families.

We will be available 24/7 for any and all questions that may come up
regarding your puppy. We will be here for the life of the puppy if for
any reason at ANY time in its life you are no longer able to keep your
puppy then it will be returned to us. We will be honest and straight
forward with any questions and/or concerns that you may have about
your puppy. Our puppy buyers are an extension of our family and we
encourage our buyers to send updates and pictures for the life of the
puppy. We will happily supply references from our prior puppy buyers.  
PET CONTRACT-  The puppies will be eligible to compete in all AKC
performance events. These puppies are sold on spay/neuter contract and
limited AKC registration and co/owned.
SHOW CONTRACT- These puppies will be sold on full AKC
registration and co/owned . They should mature into competitive show
dogs eligible to compete in AKC conformation and performance events